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Supporting Schools in Surrey

Surrey Online School supports schools in Surrey and Surrey County Council services to improve pupil attainment through evidence-based online teaching.

SOS offers a variety of online learning solutions working in partnership with Tute, who deliver the online lessons.


The SOS team work closely with schools and provide a personalised service ensuring that the setup process is smooth and the course appropriate for the students. They will liaise with the named school contacts and can be contacted in case of any issues or when additional support is required. Depending on the package purchased the SOS team will also conduct home visits and offer additional support to the student as well as liaising with Surrey A2E (GCSE package only). Equipment may also be loaned from SOS depending on circumstances and package purchased. 

Virtual Home School

To help cope with the pressures of school closure, SOS's Virtual Home School delivers the same lessons as our usual LA Timetable to larger groups, at a lower cost per student, per lesson

The Tute Virtual Home School provides access to high-quality online lessons covering English, maths, science, humanities and

other curriculum subjects, delivered by our fully-qualified teachers.


Students join a group of up to 20 other learners in a choice of differentiated programmes, mapped to the National Curriculum.


The timetable is fixed with a choice of between 2 and 22 lessons

per week across KS1-KS4 at a cost of £6.00 per student, per lesson.

The SOS Team can enrol students within 24 hours.

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SOS GCSE Courses - KS4 only (in conjunction with A2E)

Online lessons for English, Maths and Science GCSEs supported by additional face to face mentoring sessions provided by Access to Education and support from the SOS team. Students also have access to the A2E VLE which allows use of a range of online educational resources to support learning. The package can be tailored to meet the individual needs of the student (this may incur additional costs). Laptops may be loaned to students on request. The A2E package is available for a school year of 37 weeks and the combined package cost equates approximately to the age weighted pupil unit.

Surrey schools only lessons and

face to face support - £135 per week

SOS Tute Courses

A choice of 31 subjects at GCSE and A level with Tute teaching the whole specification in one year. Click here to explore your range of options 

Fixed lessons - £24.00 per seat

Commissioned lessons - £5100

(5 students, additional students £995,

max 10)

SOS LA Timetable, KS1-4

A short term flexible online teaching provision with short set up timescales and short term commitment. Online lessons in English, Maths, Science, Humanities & SMSC with a choice of differentiated programmes mapped to the National Curriculum. Students can be enrolled part way through a half term and are committed to the end of that half term. Provision can be renewed on a half termly basis.

Humanities now available for KS3 - Subjects will rotate every half term: Geography, RE and History

Fixed lessons - £12.50 per seat


Targeted programmes of lessons built as interventions to support enrichment, extension, catch-up and revision from KS2-KS5. 

Fixed lessons - £16.00

Commissioned lessons - £100

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SOS Extra

Engaging programmes covering a wide range of subject areas to enrich curriculum, to develop skills and knowledge beyond core subjects, and to foster in students a love and respect for learning for its own sake. 

Fixed lessons - £16.00

Commissioned lessons - £100

Fixed lessons

With fixed lessons your students join an online group of up to 12 students from other schools at a set time. You pay on a per seat basis for your students to join the lessons and are committed to purchasing to the end of each half term.

Commissioned Lessons

With commissioned lessons only students from your school attend the lesson. The curriculum can be completely bespoke and the lesson can be arranged at a time to suit you. You pay per lesson for up to 12 students.

"Our students are enjoying the lessons and we rarely struggle with engagement."

"Surrey Online School has been invaluable to our College when students need a short term study package. The set-up is highly efficient and quick. Our students are enjoying the lessons and we rarely struggle with engagement. If, however, a student fails to log in, we are notified immediately and can contact the parent to resolve the issues."

Mrs N Everson
Assistant Principal (Performance), Collingwood College 


The safety and protection of children in our care is paramount. Access our policies, support materials and resources here, and learn about what training is available, and when