Customer continuation plan

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Now schools are closed, we would like to reassure our customers that SOS will be able to support you and continue to deliver SOS lessons as normal

Delivering lessons online and being a company who manage most things digitally, most of SOS’s staff are able to work from home and deliver your lessons without any interruption to service.


In the case of teacher illness, we will first aim to draw upon our large team of teachers to cover lessons. If we cannot find cover, we will inform you as soon as possible of any disruption to lessons. We will keep you updated. 


We will still be on email and available in pretty much the same way as usual but please bear with us if things are a little less smooth; we expect lots of calls and want to give all our customers and students the time they deserve.  

Surrey Online School (SOS) is an initiative that provides live online lessons to a range of pupils across the county.


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