Students love learning with Surrey Online School

The Surrey Online School provides school students in Surrey with access to education from wherever you are.


It's incredibly easy to use - all you need is a computer and internet connection - take a look at our support page for full specifications.


You can attend lessons in school or from home depending on your circumstances.


Lessons are timetabled so there is structure to your day.


Don't worry if you are unable to make a lesson - you can use the playback feature to catch up if you need to as well as use it to reinforce your learning.


Whatever your situation – in school, between schools, too unwell to be in school or other reasons - SOS could work for you. Our friendly team are there to support you to ensure you get the best experience from the online lessons.


Lessons are available for KS2-KS4 year groups.

Our lessons are live online lessons delivered by qualified teachers in groups of up to 12 students.

  • 45-minute, live lessons delivered by qualified teachers on webcam using the Tute online platform.


  • Up to 12 young people taught online in a group lesson.


  • Students communicate by voice (microphone on PC), live chat and using an interactive whiteboard.

  • The lessons and scheme of learning are all mapped to the National Curriculum.

Watch this demo live lesson to see Tute in action.

Students love learning using Tute

"Tute gives me opportunities to get ahead and go the extra mile."

"It’s an online programme that helps children learn. You go online and can book a session and really learn a lot. I liked the fact it was online and I (my parents) didn’t have to drive me to a Tuition Centre."

"If you learn something in class and don't understand it, you can go back to her [your Tute teacher] and tell her and she'll help you with it."