Occasionally your browser will ask for permission you use your mic. This appears below the address bar of your browser. Click “allow” for full mic access.

Audio checker

Here is a comprehensive audio checker to make sure that you can check everything is running smoothly prior to a lesson.

Have you joined audio?

Once your lesson has started, you will be prompted to join audio. You can also do this manually by clicking on the audio icon in the top left corner of the screen.

Is your headset connected to the correct ports?


Your local computer network may be experiencing high traffic – try refreshing your web browser. Other running applications on your computer may be slowing the lesson down.

Check for other applications running on your computer – close any you do not need for your lesson. You may have a bad connection to our server – click refresh your web browser to refresh your connection. Press F5 key to refresh or click the refresh icon next to the address bar on your internet browser:

Using a USB mic

If using a USB mic, make sure your mic is connected prior to starting the lesson.

What do you need? 

You don’t need any extra or specialist equipment to use Tute. Pupils will need a PC with internet access via a browser, ideally via Chrome or IE, and the latest version of Adobe Flash installed.

You will also need a headset with inbuilt microphone to be able to talk with and listen to the teacher, plus a webcam if you want to be seen.

For the best results we recommend a wired connection to the internet.There are no other requirements.

Audio Support

How to get the best out of your audio experience?

To get the best experience, Tute recommends using a headset with a mic. The tabs to the right help you to ensure that your audio is working properly.

There is also a comprehensive audio checker to make sure that you can check everything is running smoothly prior to a lesson.

Visual Support

Tute lessons run using Flash. Let’s see if you’re up to date.

Online lessons run using Flash. The minimum requirement is version 11.7.

Lessons can also run in most browsers. If you are experiencing any issues accessing your lessons we recommend you try using Google Chrome.

Dedicated Support Site


In our dedicated support site, you’ll be able to find the answer to your question really fast. You can also ask our community for help, watch videos or link into our technical support team. Our most popular questions are below – if you need to access more answers then visit our support site by clicking the orange button.


Tute is used in hundreds of schools and is approved by local authorities. We conform to the highest safeguarding standards, and have the necessary tools to help support young people with SEND.


Every Tute session is recorded. This means that we monitor every lesson and ensure the very best quality of teaching. Parents can review the lesson too, as can the student for revision.


Our teachers are qualified, and are DBS checked. As trained professionals they have a natural authority, and can manage effective and engaging classes.