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Mental health and wellbeing

Tute launches mental health and wellbeing programme
available in Surrey Online School

Awareness is everywhere 

Recently, the NHS launched its #EveryMindMatters campaign and crashed its website in the process. There is a clear need for support for students with their mental health.  The pressure is on for schools and other educational establishments to deliver an effective and engaging wellbeing and mental health programme. 

Surrey Online School forms part of the launch

Surrey Online School are delighted to announce the launch of the Tute Extra programme in mental health and wellbeing. A series of six lessons delivered by Tute's specially-trained teachers, it has been built to fit into your curriculum to provide informative sessions to promote positive mental wellness and how students can look after themselves to prevent crisis.  

we all have mental health and we all need to know how to look after it

Planned in partnership with mental health experts and and SEMH
specialist school, Peak Academy 

To ensure that they got this right, Tute partnered with Team Mental Health, founded by consultant psychiatrists, to design a proactive and preventative programme that is informative in its promotion of positive mental health and the message that we all have mental health, and we all need to know how to look after it. TMH trained Tute's teachers who have planned engaging lessons with TMH’s guidance throughout.  The teachers’ and students’ feedback, (brutal as it was!) helped refine each lesson in the programme to ensure it is as useful and effective as possible. Click here to find out more about piloting Tute wellbeing to The Peak Academy.

This is for everyone

Tute’s wellbeing programme has been built for everyone, not specifically for students with SEMH. Its intention is to teach about how we can all help ourselves to be mentally healthy. It is education, not therapy, and we soon hope to expand the programme to focus and get into more detail on each of the topics: health and wellbeing, emotional intelligence, resilience, relationships, mental health difficulties, and reflection.  

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